Every Employee  can become Process Expert


Purpose-built processes enable productivity improvements and business transformations

  • Are your business processes just documents in a tool?
  • Did your digitalization project fail to deliver expected business benefits?

Developing business processes is not a trivial task. We at Flovio have discovered the power of aligning Business Process Improvement and Digitalization.


It starts by mapping and visualizing your processes holistically and linking relevant data and expert input to it. This will serve as the backbone for radical transformation and productivity improvements. The purpose-built process design will guide your solution development - be it partial automation, use of global solutions, business intelligence tools or advanced analytics models. 

Benefits of business process optimization will be many-fold: more Predictable and Resilient Business, Satisfied Customers, and Happier Employees

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By following our approach you can design business processes that every employee understands and commits to. Operations will be easier to lead and continuously improve as performance goals and metrics are derived from processes that actually define the way the work is done.

Continuous Improvement Framework is the key output. It will guide prioritization of limited resources reserved for business improvement, solution development and deployment. It will help your organization sustain achieved benefits instead of slipping back to starting point due to unexpected events or employee turnover. It will survive shifting business priorities and competitive environment.


Our approach

Flovio is a consulting and agency company full of fresh ideas helping you transform your business. With our unique Operations and Supply Chain Management expertise we will build world-class business processes for both services and manufacturing operations.

It's the soft stuff that's the hard stuff. We always see the process completely through and design adjustments that allow you to radically change your customer service, employee experience and productivity.

Everything Flovio people have learned as industry leaders and researchers has been refined and brought into Flovio Services and Tools.



We have both methods and tools for pragmatic and impactful process mapping and analysis.


Our consultants will help you get started. In the long run, your team can do the task.


BI tools help you turn data into actionable insights.

Business decisions will improve as metrics and goals are derived from process design. 

Process mining solutions are part of our portfolio, too.


Automation solutions are usually critical for deploying your brand new processes.

In addition to low-code solutions, we offer advanced analytics services, e.g. forecasting and simulation.


Process work is never a one-time effort.


Together we will build continuous improvement practices that holds through turbulent times.


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